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What to wear for a portrait?

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Keep in mind that you want anyone viewing your portrait to admire it.  However, you do not want them to say ‘what a great blouse’ or ‘I like that jacket’.  You want them to like your portrait, not your clothing.  How do you keep from drawing attention to what you’re wearing?  By wearing something plain and simple without lots of pattern, your clothing will not draw attention.  If you’re going with a medium to dark background, then go with medium to dark clothing.  Purple and burgundy work better than vibrant red.  Shades of blue and green along with grey, brown, and black all work well also.  Since you want attention drawn to your face, then long sleeves are better than sleeveless.  When you are in a group photograph, make sure the colors coordinate well.  Think of it in the same way as decorating – mix colors that look good together.  Do you look better in warm or cool colors.  Choose a color that you and others have said flatters you.  And, most of all, put on a great smile!

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