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Trout Flies

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Photographer Billings MTA photo captures a moment in time, and, when old photo albums are opened or the family portrait is glanced at while walking down the hallway, the photo has the power to bring back our memories. In the sport of fishing, plenty of fish have found themselves facing the glass of a camera’s lens, but, if a fisherman took a photo of every large fish that he caught, all of the photos would blend together as a giant conglomeration. But, when the fisherman reaches into his fly box to choose a fly, and sees the battered old dry flies with rusty barbs clanging around the bottom of the box, or the streamers with teeth marks so deep the hook shank shines through, those flies bring back the memories of the fish that the flies have fooled. So, this article is dedicated to all those flies that continue to fool fish time and time again; flies that have survived the generations, and have been fished by merely every trout angler in the world, continuing to hold the memories of every angler who has held a fly rod.Photographer Billings MT, Trout Flies


The Adams
The Adams has been fished by nearly every trout fly angler since the birth of the sport. Its design is timeless and simple. The slender dubbed gray body and gray wing – tied both upright and in a parachute style – takes on the colors of the sun and the water and allows a silhouette that looks like any mayfly that hatches on any trout stream throughout the U.S. Everyone remembers a time when they have used this fly to fool a trout feeding on the surface.

Wooly Bugger
Many anglers claim that if they had one fly to fish for the rest of their lives the Wooly Bugger would claim that spot in their box. The Wooly Bugger is tied in infinite color combinations and various sizes and looks like anything that swims under the surface. The fly is most effective stripped like a streamer or deadlifted like a nymph. The design, which has defiantly withstood the test of time, is simple and perfect. There are many adaptations in the streamer bins in the local fly shops, but, when these adaptations are wet, they still hold the same silhouette to the trout as the Wooly Bugger does. The Wooly Bugger can be tied in so many different ways, and every angler has used one at some point to fool a trout – probably a larger trout. Photographer Billings MT, Trout Flies

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