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Holy smokes what happened to the skyline?

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Holy smokes what happened to the skyline? The smoke from wildfires burning from the Washington coast to our own wild lands here in Montana is blurring our view of the entire state. When the smoke finally does clear, hopefully soon, the transition of colors from summer to fall will renew[…]

The Yellowstone River

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The Yellowstone River is six hundred and ninety two miles of free flowing water. It is said to be the longest undammed river in the country, even though there are several diversion dams that stretch between its banks, these dams do not prevent the water from continuing into the Missouri[…]

Trout Flies

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A photo captures a moment in time, and, when old photo albums are opened or the family portrait is glanced at while walking down the hallway, the photo has the power to bring back our memories. In the sport of fishing, plenty of fish have found themselves facing the glass[…]