July 2015

When life gives you lemons……

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It’s not always an easy task photographing a family, especially with young children.  No worries.  Your family would not be the first to have melt downs!  Patience is the key.  And, let us do the heavy lifting.  Choose your clothing and get here, and then let us take over.  We[…]

Caddis Flies, Stoneflies, and Mayflies

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As the temperatures rise, melting away the remnants of last winter’s snowfall, our rivers are once again running clear and fishable. The rivers color will veer from brown to dark green and eventually run clear. While fish can and do feed in muddy water, the increase in clarity allows for[…]

If it’s July, I should be fishing

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I’ll be heading to the Madison, Beaverhead, Ruby, and Gallatin Rivers next week.  My buddies Z, Dave, and Allen arrive for our annual July fishing trip.  I’ll be sure and practice my fish photography while I’m reeling them in.